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Singing the Sounds of English

Price (NZD): $20.00
The songs on this CD have been written to help children recognise 45 sounds and sound clusters that
they will be learning to read and write. The sounds are grouped according to the way in which they
are pronounced. They are grouped together as consonant or vowel sounds. Some are short sounds
and some are long, drawn-out sounds that can last as long as a breath.
The lyrics of the songs will help children understand the correct way to produce these sounds.
Some are made through the mouth, some through the teeth and some through the nose. Some have
voice and some have air.

Singing the Sounds of English is accompanied by a books of lyrics which can be used with the
Talking Pen. Touch the Pen to the music icons to hear each verse in the songs.

Click the link below to download the files that allow the Talking Pen to work with the lyrics book.
0031 - Singing the Sounds of English 

Click here to download lyric sheets so that children can read the words as they learn the songs.
/Downloads/Singing the Sounds of English.pdf

Listen to some sample tracks on this CD by clicking this link: