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Word Detective Games Level 1

ISBN: 942190085505-6
Price (NZD): $99.00
This kit of word detective games is designed to teach early literacy skills to children aged between 3 and 6. It can also be used by anyone just learning to read and write English.
The kit comes with full written instructions for playing 16 literacy games: phonemic awareness games, vocabulary games, phonics games and high-frequency word games.  It also contains a DVD that demonstrates the games being played with 4 and 5 year old children. Children will use the contents to create their own games as well.

The Talking Pen is programmed to speak English and several other languages: Maori, Samoan, Hindi, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, Polish.  There is also the option to have Spanish with American English.   

The kit can also be purchased without the Talking Pen for a special price of only $40 (plus GST).

The Word Detective Game speaks different languages.  Files for the following languages can be downloaded from the links below.  Plug the Talking Pen into your computer and open to view files.  Copy the file you have downloaded and paste into the Talking Pen.  You can access the language you want to use by clicking the Book button on the Talking Pen (third button from the top) until you hear the language combination you wish to use OR by using the language selection card.  If you need a language selection card that contains all the updated languages, please email and we will send you one.

0020 - English only                                  
0021 - English and Polish                        
0022 - English and Japanese                    
0023 - English and Cantonese                  
0024 - English and Mandarin                  
0025 - English and Korean                      
0026 - American English and Spanish    
0027 - English and Spanish                     
0028 - English and Samoan                     
0029 - English and Maori                        
0030 - English and Hindi