Helping Students Find Out How Words Work...
Read about the stunning results from the Shine 'Sounds Like Fun' Literacy Project at


All Teacher Resource books contain assessments to help identify what students know and the gaps in their knowledge.   These assessments are also available to download when you have a licence to use the spelling professional development website:


Deb Grover has developed an amazing tool for tracking student achievement at the touch of a button.

beagle (R) uses cloud technology to track students' progress in literacy achievement.

Here are a few of beagle's features:
  • You can easily import data from any student management system
  • Report National Standards Data to MOE
  • Track and collate data from a range of assessment tools - All assessment results from Sounds Like Fun, Switch on to Spelling and Spelling Under Scrutiny, PATs, STAR and other widely used assessment tools 
  • Profile learning needs (students needing support and extension) 
  • Identify areas of need from assessment results and provide effective, evidence-based instruction

Beagle will help you use your assessments FOR learning, not  just to measure progress

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