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Teacher Support Material

Following are a number of downloadable files that support the teaching of spelling:

A suggested plan for teaching 3 to 5 sounds per week to beginning students.

Sample lessons which demonstrate a method for teaching a new sound every day.

Spelling expectations by year level, from year 1 to year 8.

A scope and sequence of skills and knowledge by year level from the Literacy Learning Progressions.

A breakdown of the LLP expectations by year level for writing.

A breakdown of the LLP expectations by year level for reading.

If you want access to a FREE sample DVD for use on computers or interactive whiteboards, showing how one sound can become the focus of writing and reading activities, please email 

If you use Spelling Under Scrutiny please go to the Product Information for the Spelling Under Scrutiny resource (resources - senior spelling resources) and download the supplementary pages that accompany this book.