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Why Use Word Detective Resources?

Literacy skills are essential in today's world - almost all jobs require at least basic reading and writing skills.   It is unacceptable for any student to leave school without the skills they need for employment in our information-based world.

Over the past ten years a number of countries have undertaken reviews of the way reading is taught (The USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand) which have led to changes in the way reading in particular is now taught.  Two areas identified in these studies as being critical for students' literacy success are:

1.  Teacher knowledge - the understanding of how students acquire literacy skills and the teacher's 
     knowledge about the structure of written English.

2.  Core skills and knowledge that need to be taught explicitly, in a systematic manner using
     interactive, multi-sensory resources: 
  •       Vocabulary
  •       Phonological awareness
  •       Phonics knowledge
  •       Comprehension strategies
  •       Fluency

The Word Detective resources have been developed to upskill teacher knowledge about the structure of written English at the same time as they integrate the teaching of the core skills for literacy into authentic reading and writing experiences.
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