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Reading Resources

The Word-level readers have been developed to ensure that all aspects of reading can be taught using the same book as part of a balanced instructional reading programme.  They are published by Gilt Edge Publishing - 

These readers incorporate scaffolded phonics instruction into real literature.  Full teacher notes are provided to support the teaching of phonemic awareness skills, for building phonics and vocabulary knowledge, for teaching comprehension strategies, and for building fluency.   The readers also work with the Talking Pen.

Download a complete teachers' guide to using the Word-level Readers

Download the teacher notes for Word-level Reader titles 

Watch a You Tube video to hear Joy Allcock explain how the Gilt Edge Word-level Readers work

Watch a You Tube video demonstration of how the Talking Pen works with the Level 1 and 2 Gilt Edge Word-level readers

The books can also be used individually, to support the teaching of phoneme-grapheme relationships.

Download an overview of the Word-level readers showing the titles of the books linked to the sounds of English they focus on.

To order, or to find out more about the Word-level Readers and Talking Pen, contact Gilt Edge Publishing:
Phone:   0800 372 393  Fax  04 586 4078

These readers are supported by a set of two books and a series of posters, designed to teach beginning readers and writers how the alphabetic code words.  All resources work with the Talking Pen.

Learn About Letters is an alphabet book with a difference.  Children discover that the same letter can represent different sounds - a critical concept about how written English works that even very young children need to understand.   In circle for example - the first c sounds like 's' and the second c sounds like 'k'.

The Search for Sounds book is an A4 version of the set of Search for Sound A3 posters, designed to illustrate how the same consonant sound occurs in different words (ship, chef, sugar all begin with a 'sh' sound), and it can be written in different ways (ship, chef, sugar).  The same concept is illustrated for vowel sounds in the Prowl for Vowel posters.

Click the link below to download the file to allow the Talking Pen to work with the Word-level readers, Search for Sound posters, Prowl for Vowel posters, Learn about Letters book and Search for Sounds book.   Plug the Talking Pen into your computer and open to view files.  Copy the file you have downloaded and paste into the Talking Pen.  The Pen will then read any of the above resources.

File 0041: Talking Pen file for Word-level Readers, books and posters